Architecture Design

Logical Storage design Considerations

1. IOPS :
IOPS, it is very critical factor of defining the logical design for storage. This should include total number or IOPS required, read write ratio, IO type sequential / random, IO size, etc

2. Throughput:
Throughput requirement defines the bandwidth availability for the storage. Depending on the throughput requirements, type of storage / network design may vary.

3. Total Storage:
Total storage is the amount of storage space that is needed for the workloads / applications / database, etc. Usually this is calculated in GBs or TBs.

4. Expandability:
While defining the logical storage design we need to consider if there are any future growth factors and include them in the design.

5. RPO and RTO
RPO defines how much data loss an organization can sustain.
RTO defines, if there is any event of failure or disaster then how much time should it take to bring the systems to functional state. Based on RPO and RTO design decisions may change.


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